Cheap SR-22 Insurance

Cheap SR22 Insurance

How do you prove to the authorities that you are fit to drive especially after a bad accident you caused, series of traffic offences, an expired insurance policy, a suspended or a revoked license or a DUI or DWI charge? For starters, you require an SR22 to proof that you are fit to drive. The SR22 proves your financial responsibility and confirms that you meet the minimum insurance requirements.

These faults will brand you a ’high-risk driver’ and prompt you to find a cheap sr22 insurance. You don’t want to hurt your bank along with your esteem. A good driving history is the cheapest way to go about it but when that line has been crossed, try these:

  1. Consult your insurance company

You will need to do some research and comparisons before you settle for the cheapest offer. Normally, if you go to an insurance company, you will be required to purchase a cover for your car first before they process your SR-22 form. Result? If you are considered high risk, you will be charged more to get your insurance.

That is why you should start with your insurance company to know their rates and consider their offers. This will depend on your risk status and potential financial obligation. Other places to look up offers are driver safety schools which can refer you to the best rates or just to take a safety course for future use.

  1. The Process

Will you pay for an SR22?  Yes. In most cases getting an SR22 will cost you around $15 to $25 depending on your state. After settling on the one you want, you will then fill a document with the help of your insurance company which will then be filed electronically with DMV. Depending on your fault, you might be required to meet other requirements like refraining from driving for some time. Make sure you know your limits from your provider to avoid digging deeper into the mess.

  1. Duration

As stressful as that process is, it doesn’t last forever. You will need your SR22 for three years after which you will have it removed from your policy. This is when you can have your driving license reinstated and your record cleared. It might strain your insurance cover for some time but once this time lapses, you will rest.

Sometimes your policy might be cancelled by your policy provider while you are still required to carry your SR22.In such a case, they will need to notify the state first. Always make sure that you are at speed with everything happening.

Final Thoughts

Desperate times call for desperate actions and bad driving days will require a cheap SR22 to cover you. For anyone behind the wheel ,knowing what SR22 business is all about and how to go about it will give you an easier way if you are caught in the mess. Otherwise, being in the good books and keeping your insurance up to date will save you the hassle of trying to find a cheap SR22. Remember, it is just a form of certification not a death penalty.